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[31 Jan 2010|10:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm like spending too much. O_O
the lack of clothes is seriously sucking the money out of me.
not to mention that i'm in such good mood that i keep spending for no reason.
i've been withdrawing money like everyday O_O
it's time to safekeep my card at home?!
omg i hope my cheque quickly get deposited *amitaba*

thank goodness i have 'two income' now. LOL

anyway, went for a free massage at truspa today (if u all get calls from them... er... is my referral i admit. :P)
then when the in-charge saw me and jasti, she was like 'are u two sisters?'
so we were like 'er, no, we are friends'

after the massage, when another sales consultant came, he was like 'are u two sisters?'
so we were like 'no'
omg, this is like the nth time already la. and it's been quite long since we were last asked that i thought we dun look alike anymore.

anyway, i lied that i was a student. :P
cos i took cindi's suggestion to pian them and said i'm a student and going back overseas to study so dun want to sign package. LOL!
but in the end after much psychoing from them and much negotiation for them, we managed to grab the cheapest package and pay lesser for lesser times. *phew*
and the guy was saying cos i'm a student got 'student trial'
in the end i realised that the membership is under jasti's name that it's not cos i'm a student so got student trial looooooooo.
got bei pian de gan jue.
but me and jasti got tempted by the hydrobath that's why we decided to sign in the end. lol

shopping again. because i ran out of clothes (again)
so i bought 2 new tops and 1 'dress' again.
(what's with all the dress buying recently)
and for some reason the food at ion are all having sale?
the corokke ended up being $1 each (and it wasn't even end of the day) and the swiss roll was half the price. HEH.
but i bought the corokke anyway hehehe.
even though i had it last week :P

and i realised i really <3 knitted wear a lot. but i hate it when it's so expensive.
do i really have such expensive taste?!?!?!

time to stop buying clothes for a while :S
if not i don't think i can make it for my trip in april.

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[30 Jan 2010|11:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Went to cindi's house today.
Loved the supermarket at BTP.
damn, next time when i need to buy anything, maybe i should make the effort to go there and buy.
At this point of time, i wished I had a car and a driving license so that i don't have to walk 15 mins in the hot sun and wait 20mins for the stupid bus when it takes only 10 mins to reach there.

The reasons why i don't do it at my house is because
1) lots of deep frying and it stinks my house
2) making a mess out of the kitchen
3) cindi's house got a maid to clean up! and er... she can learn how to make it at the same time. LOL!

so this is like the second time i'm popping over to her house to cook.
I was telling Cindi that either her maid will love me or hate me whenever i appear because
1) hate - Whenever i arrive to cook, she will have to do lots of clean up
2) love - If I come, she will get to eat things that she has never eaten before
love-hate relationship LOL!

anyway, most of the time i'm nice ok. (or rather i'm ALWAYS nice to her except for the fact that she had to clean up after i messed up the kitchen)
and she seemed to be very happy to see what we are 'playing' with LOL!

and cos cindi's mother was around (somehow i always get to see all her family members chou shi when i'm there LOL!) we sort of have a 'party'.
but it was kind of fun to cook and eat at the same time LOL!
and her mum said that the tempura was good (except the last batch LOL) that she said she will sponsor us for the things we paid LOL!!!!!
arigatou auntie! HAHAHA.
but it was an expensive meal for her cos we bought like 50 bucks worth of stuff LOL!
and cos she like me so much (WAHAHAHA zi ji jiang) she invited me to join them for a gyoza party after cny LOL!
then cindi said she will always remember me as the one who go over to her house to use a lot of oil de ROFL. cos the first time i went was to make corokke HAHAHA. (and she like it too hahaa)

dunno why we always end up eating LUNCH at like 4pm LOL!
but we all had fun eating and crapping at the same time.
i think her mum too xi guan to my existence (always go her house LOL)
maybe except the maid cos she gotta clean up haha.
but she dun look like she hate me la ? LOL!

Anyway, the end product!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

looks like my 大和撫子修業 is going well ne? XDDDDD

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[29 Jan 2010|11:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


even though hidemi is damn tired, but i'm glad the 5 days is over.
not exactly looking forward to the next week, but well, money shall be my motivation.
Comparing my previous company and now... it's really like heaven and hell.
i mean hell in my previous company because the benefits and pay are so damn bloody shitty that ppl dun believe when i tell them.
who the hell actually only get to claim 20 bucks for mc nia? WHO?!?!?!?!
(ok ppl in jta)
the only good thing is there's a lot of food around suntec. that's probably my only grateful thing bah. even though ex.

so far so good, i'm kind of learning on how to do a lot of things.
so far getting along well with my colleague even though she's 3 years younger than me.
and i got joce to cling to LOL!
quite lucky in fact that ppl in the company are mostly young so they are all pretty friendly.
just that i'm kind of sian to try to find clothes every morning. -.-
and the air con is drying my hair out.
*needs more conditioner*

anyway, i realised today that my boss is leaving.
omg, do i always have to enter a place where i have to meet a nice boss but he's leaving?!?!?!
to think he's the one who picked me leh.
zzzz, i feel so 見捨てちゃった
dun give me a nonsense japanese as a boss please. amitaba amitaba.
i had enough of lousy japanese bosses *looks far away*
but somehow i think i know the reason why my boss wanna quit.
some of the japanese are really damn hidoi i guess. :S
expected. and seen better. LOL.
a good boss really makes a big difference in working life i think.
but i miss schooling the most. even though i dun get paid.

jasti was complaining to me that working life is worse than being in school cos it's like we have to obey even more rules even as an adult.
at least in school can break the rules, but as an adult still must follow so many rules.
but i guess it only applies to ppl who like to break the rules LOL!
that includes me :P
cos i feel the same too. :S

anyway out of the big office, there's only one japanese ikemen.
me and joce actually had the same idea that he's the only ikemen around. HAHA.
sasuga fans. taste are the same LOL!
but we both dun have chance to talk to him cos totally dun have to liaise with him.
sad ah? LOL!
suddenly i miss my mr sugar LOL!

so hidemi's gonna go cindi's house to 玩家家酒 again LOL!!!!!!!!

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[27 Jan 2010|11:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


but i'm glad i'm learning quite a lot of excel skills.
practice makes perfect.

the other job is draining my life little by little though.
can't imagine when i reach home at 7pm, i still gotta work. O_O
but i miss listening to music/watch tv/facebook/chat/watch videos at the same time while working. LOL.
i realised how shuang it is to open ur ie OPENLY and surf like nobody's business and chat like nobody's business. LOL
but ok, i can do it at night.
i treat it as a chatting session even though i'm working. *ganbaru*

but i'm so getting sick of the food around the area.
what is this... i'm only into the 4th day of my work?!
i am so sick of eating at the pantry already until today i just drag joce to liang court with me to eat LOL. <- even if she dun go, i'll still shop around meidiya. LOL
totally sick of the food there until i ate chicken rice (fyi, hidemi seldom eat chicken rice unless she have to/got nothing to eat)

oh oh,
and i went to watch tooth fairy. :D
it's much funnier than i thought and i had a really great laugh.
even though it's damn stupid and the storyline is dumb, it's damn funny.
i seriously like evil humour.
even though it's supposed to be a fairy show.

next on the list is the jude law show.
next week! LOL
i'm like on a movie marathon. LOL

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[25 Jan 2010|10:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

it's times like this that i find 24hrs is not enough.

not when u work 11 hours a day, spend 3 hours travelling and 8 hours sleeping.
so total up i only have 2 hours to spend.
i wonder how much things i can do with 2hrs.
oh, not forgetting i take one hour to prepare in the morning.
so i'm only left with 1 hr -> to shower and play with my pig.
no wonder i'm feeling the strain already.
i hope the money that comes in makes it all worthwhile.

back to work stuff.
ok, so i was so amazed at how they use excel i swear i wanna be like them.
damn cool to know all the shortcuts la?!
so hidemi now is still pretty 前向き about this.
even though the number of excel sheets seriously scares me, but hidemi will jiayou de.
now is to practise excel sheets everyday :D
overcome the excel fear. LOL!

and colleagues.
they are friendlier than i thought.
yokatta *wipes sweat off*
listening to them talk can be quite interesting though. hahaha.
AND, i found another girl whom i met in class before.
no wonder at first look i find her so familiar.
singapore is really small huh?

and despite me knowing nothing, i had to make a call to taiwan to ask for stuff.
thank goodness i'm sort of trained in JTA to take calls and make nonsense calls to nonsense ppl without knowing what's going on.
in a sense, i was trained well in JTA LOL!
but oh, i need to control my voice level though. <- too used to the normal JTA voice LOL.
yappari habits die hard.
and i had the tendency to reply emails in a too customer service way.
apparently they are quite sui bian with emails.
but i'm too used to being 'professional'
work hazards ZZZZZZ

and i ought to stop appearing too early at work.
i'm seriously not trying to por the boss but being a taurus, i can't afford risks. LOL.
so i can't actually gauge the right time to get out of the house so that i don't arrive in the office too early and sit with all the japanese and stare at what they are doing.
*guah guah guah*
i miss chatting on msn during work and watching tv during work though.
but playing with excel sheets made me less sleepy. even though i scratched a lot of my make up off.

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[29 Dec 2009|11:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It's time to reflect.
2 more days to end of 2009.

did i mention that i always like December?
(minus all the birthdays going on)
because end of the year = a new fresh start for the year.
it's always the time of the year for hidemi to 気分転換

before i start my long long long entry (maybe it will end up short in the end LOL!)
i went to eat shabu shabu with oneechan today XD
buffet twice within 2 weeks.
fattening leh.
BUT! it was fun.
somewhat we became buffet buddies LOL!
it's so amazing how i was having craving (cos i wanna get out of the house) then oneechan msg me to say that she missed the korean buffet. LOL!
so, to take the chance, we went shabushabu XD
and suddenly we talked about how we knew each other online.
and i didn't realise we knew each other when i was 16.
i actually lost count of the years we knew each other.
2 more years and we can celebrate 10 years anniversary le ne?
i always think it's quite amazing how i met my net friends cos of kinki... then develop to real friends and then good friends.
i lost count of the many ppl i met in life cos of kinki <- 罪魁禍首

Back to reflections.

This year hasn't been exactly the best year to me.
犯太歲 really can be quite 'serious' huh?
BUT! even though i'm sort of jobless for so many months, i'm still glad that i quit my job.
I keep believing that the karma for this year is because of cursing ppl too much last year.
so, i fulfill my karma already, i hope next year will be a better one.

In a way, this year has been good because I'm most of the time happy (when it doesn't concern money) and healthy.
and I fufilled my wish of learning how to bake CAKES. i mean, cakes that require decorating because i never had time to do it when i'm in school or when i'm working.
even though i'm most of the time money-less, i had a great rest.
even though i didn't get to travel, i'm happy.
maybe god really wanted me to quit johnnys?
in a way, i'm 90% out i think.
i hope i don't go back next year when i start working again LOL!

This year, i also tried out as a translator (in a sense)
and met people whom i probably will never have a chance to meet because of their status.
God is being nice to me afterall to pass me this chance.
Despite disliking (ok from hate become dislike so the love comes back a bit) japanese, I still made a few good friends whom i hope will always continue to be my friends.

This year, i learnt who's nice and who's not.
and gave me a chance to refilter my friends' list (no, i dun mean LJ's)
Friends who are worth me spending time on, and friends who are not worth.
I am glad I have many friends who think of me whenever they go overseas. always asking me 'do you need me to buy this and that for you?' and buying me lots of things from overseas.
Friends who are willing to help me when I'm in trouble, thank you so very much.
Friends who rather meet ppl whom they meet everyday instead of me whom they meet probably max 5 times a year despite all my invites, maybe it's time to reconsider.

BUT! i still feel shiawase with all the nice friends i have.
i felt really loved.
i'm grateful that i actually have so many nice friends.
it seriously made my year much much better.

Family wise, it's not exactly a good year since my dad keep falling sick.
(despite me being so genki)
now that he quitted his job, i hope he stays healthy (but him being healthy means my ears going to suffer when he sings a lot at home...)
but ok i rather he's healthy.

i dunno is it just me, but whenever my dad becomes sick i get super worried because i'm so afraid that he might not wake up once he sleeps.
it's not that i've never experienced having someone close passed away, but i guess it's different when it comes to your own parents.
knowing how weak my dad is, i'm really scared someday he might just leave me.
(even though i'm seriously irritated with his singing recently)
which is why i'm glad that he quit his job so that he can stay at home and be healthy.
it's enough for me (even though he irritates me at home)
but that would mean i need to get a perm job asap to help out with the household expenses.

job wise, obviously it hasn't been very smooth.
but i receive news that my company is going to start new projects next year, so that means i have the hope of turning into a full timer soon (if i didn't quit before they convert me that is)
sending timesheets in can be pretty tiring. -.-
but i run the risk of how my salary is going to become. *cold laugh*

ok, that goes the end of my reflection for this year.
not going to make any resolutions this year cos i don't bother to keep <- what's the point.

Hope everyone's 2010 can be smoothsailing.
(given that most of us won't be 犯太歲-ing)
and hope I have a good year too. at least a maa maa year. :D

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[21 Dec 2009|11:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today i went to eat yakiniku with oneechan. XDDDDDD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
lots of meat XD
i seldom get to eat korean bbq because most of my friends are HALAL <- dun eat pork. doesn't limit to malays ok. LOL.
anyway it's difficult to find a good korean restaurant to eat cheap and good yakiniku.
But this one was good.
Anyone interested to go can go centrepoint's crystal jade korean cuisine branch.
but i went for lunch so it's cheaper. dinner... is of cos more expensive.
but it's still pretty worth!

after that walked around centrepoint and OG and back to centrepoint for haagen daz XD
oneechan's treat XD
i feel so shiawase that i always get treated by ppl.
even though i'm not working, somehow i always get to eat hao liao...
the mango with passion fruit swirls and the dark chocolate orange (?) have to be my favourites!
raspberry... is for awakening LOL.

and so i am taking some christmas photo for *coughs a cute guy coughs*, i discovered something funny.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

why is everyone doing the same expression and facing the same direction ne?!
lol. (ok, i know the answer)
i had the temptation to add a caption 'it's a bird! no, it's a plane! no! it's SANTA CLAUS!'

ok lame. *runs and hides*

but all thanks to the buffet and ice cream, i skipped dinner.
so in total i only had one meal today. XD
if not will grow fat wor!
(already fat liao lo)

and and while browsing facebook, i saw this
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

kind of nostalgic when i remember how last time i have to read all the emails spelt in this JAPANESE way.
mount fever toka ... *cold laugh*
until i think i'm damn good at deciphering japLISH.

and i've the sudden interest in tongue twisters hehehe.
let us all have a tongue twisters competition someday.
DS should have one XD
or maybe they already have. XD


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[15 Dec 2009|11:17pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


ok, basically i didn't make the cake for him.
nor did i plan to do it.
it just happens that i felt like making the cake.
and i was supposed to do it yesterday <- but i was lazy
so ended up, ちょうど?
oh well, it's fate. ha ha ha

Anyway, i made the sponge cake too thick. but i refused to cut it.
so end up i didn't get to put the uppermost layer *sad*
but then again, i don't really like the last layer (it just make things look pretty nia) cos i don't actually like the taste of gelatine. so, my genius mother suggested i take out my cookie cutters and cut star shapes out.
this time round, i swear my sponge cake taste nice.

and i'm so in love with australian mangoes that i don't think i will eat thai mangoes for a while. unless it's damn sweet (as a fruit, not with sugar)
damn. but australian mangoes are so bloody ex. grrrr.
over indulgence in mangoes recently.
i ate 3 huge mangoes in 4 days? omg.
no wonder i can feel the ulcers coming up.

so what have i been doing?
i celebrated 2 birthdays, had one farewell 'gathering', and basically... bake.
haa. i went a bit of shopping too.
it sucks when i know the amount of money in my bank will never increase because once i see the money coming in i get so excited that i spend my pay away. not that it's a lot in the first place.
oh well, at least i can still go out and play without worries.

it's the time of the year again which i got to check back my resolutions and make new ones.
but i break my resolutions every year until i dun see the point of having resolutions.
obviously hidemi doesn't have any self control.
but hidemi is happy. for the time being.
even though my luck is damn bad for this year. i'm glad i didn't fall sick at all (high fever that is) despite the H1N1 bug flying around. *peace*
i only can wish i get better luck next year.

and oh, the hint of good luck started when i won $20 at toto. haaa. paid for my meals for that day.

and oh, i received my J album.
(ok i know i'm supposedly 90% out of johnnys)
i suck at keeping my cool when i see the words 'BONUS DVD' *(^#@(*&%(@&(*%#
oh well, but i love that album. i <3 it more than G album.
especially 風のソネット

and i am becoming sort of an anime otaku recently.
I finished ヤマトナデシコ七変化 and am at my last episode of Skip Beat.
The reason why i watched ヤマナデ was cos of uchi cos he's gonna be acting in the drama series for this anime. (somehow my sentence sounds wrong, but nvm)
and i'm amazed by how i managed to finish the whole series (by online streaming) within 4 days. WHOO~ overall, pretty interesting. but i can't wait for uchi's version cos he looks so cute inside. mohohoho.
(ok i'm still 10% into johnnys right *whistles*)

oh, Skip Beat.
I started watching cos miss c said it was nice (except for the ending)
so now i'm at the last episode.
the voiceover for Ren reminds me of my tokimeki memorial sensei that i actually bother to go and research on him. but i was disappointed. not him. gahhh.
i <3 the sensei's voice a lot leh leh leh leh.
and he's the only character that i managed to complete anyway. wahahaha.
maybe Ren's voice made me stayed to finish the whole anime. :P

enough of otaku talk.
i kind of stopped watching japanese dramas and bangumis cos i'm too lazy to download.
even though i know there's streaming online, i think i'm too reliant on clubbox until i don't know where to find all those streaming. except for animes. haaa.

but hmm, sanji is still my 'dream man' character <- なにそれ?!

and i can't wait for my feast with oneechan. XD even though i dun think i should be putting on any more weight.
sometimes i hate year end cos most of my friends won't be in singapore, yet i'm always stuck in singapore. gah.
i shall celebrate christmas and new year with my elmo then. and my pig.
but i still <3 year end, cos i know a brand new beginning is waiting for me :)
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[04 Dec 2009|10:58am]
ok, i'm not missing.
neither am i out of town (obviously)
there's erm... just nothing to blog.
shows how boring my life is huh?

yesterday while watching my anime, I don't know why i turned to look at the ceiling and saw this grasshopper there. -.-
damn, that's why i hate opening my windows.
if never catch dao i won't be able to sleep liao lo.
i pluck up enough courage to take a box and catch that grasshopper.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot with DSC-T2 at 2009-12-03

actually it looked quite cute ^^;;
and i dunno why it kept looking at me. -.-
and it refused to fly off today even when i open the box to let it out -.-
strange grasshopper.

and recently hidemi is watching the anime
Pretty funny, even though the drawing is not very nice.
i can't believe there's such a 暗い person around.
and i'm more or less almost done with one piece, BUT! i'm stuck at episode 400 because i can't find streaming after that. gehhhh.

and, liar game is nice. XDDD
i'm always amazed how japanese overthink things or underthink things.
either they are too ignorant, or they are overly good at thinking of strategies. ^^;;

time to find some food.
i am so tempted to bake but i can't zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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[08 Nov 2009|07:49pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Recently I'm addicted to this song:

Lil'B - キミが好きで

the long long long lyrics that took me 10 mins to type. Click in to hear the song cos hidemi dun want to disrupt ppl's playlistCollapse )

Not that it reflects my feeling, but the chorus is just so catchy. (ok maybe it reflects my feelings a bit)

nothing much happening recently except that i added matthew sintes on facebook. WAHAHAHA <- is this that 'happening'?
anyway he's one of the tap dancers who's show i went to watch. the only guy whom i thought was cute (but i didn't say it here) but too bad he's 1988 de *thud*
but ya, so he added me back (cos he adds his fans) and i added him cos miss c said his photos were interesting. LOL!

and both of us were like discussing how scary singaporeans fans are or was it just us (who, being johnnys fans for years, have learn to be damn obedient) who are too conservative.
who the hell will go and tag their idol in their photo and then say things like 'i'm trying to hold my heart in place'. WEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
the idol can read desho!?!?!?!?!?! imi wakanneeeee
so not-paiseh to let him know?
or is it us who are too shy to let our idols know that we like them?!
i'm just so speechless LOL.
singaporeans fans are really very buey paiseh sia ^^;;
so.. does that mean i'm getting abit old for all these? LOL.
i wonder how the idol react when he read that LOL.

anyway i think i need some excitement in my life to forget about the fishes. LOL.
<- where are all the ikemennnnnnnn.
oh well, i guess it's different when you know idols personally. ha ha ha *cold laugh continues*

and instead of flying over to japan, i decided to save the money up to do lasik instead. :D

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[04 Nov 2009|12:09am]
[ mood | complicated ]

Quote of the day:

If you fan someone you know, it becomes a crush

For some reason, this is repeating in my mind.
ok, for obvious reason.

Went out to 'celebrate' RRR's birthday today.
choudo miss c is having her first day off, and choudo it's his birthday.
might as well.
and i'm free
and i'm craving for curry.
but the curry disappoint me.

suddenly nothing compares to curry + onsen tamago.
damn it, i miss matsuya (was that the name) and the curry house in osaka that me and momo went to eat.
i think i better cook it myself.
onsen tamagoooooooooooooo

went to take purikura too. XD
even though supposedly we are 'celebrating' RRR's birthday, in the end i had everyone to accompany me to do the things i wanted (eat curry + purikura)

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[18 Oct 2009|07:32pm]
[ mood | blah ]

kurara popped by yesterday to bake together.
hmmm... more like she was listening to my chattering about PF.

arigatou ne, kurara. for listening to my nonsense highing.

i think whoever is going to meet me for these few days is going to hear me high about them.
but ok, i shall stop.
if not i won't stop missing them.

they are idols(?) afterall ne.

looking at their blogs just kind of made me feel how unprivileged it is to be a johnnys fan.
everything must pay. everything also must follow the rules.
yet, in the venue they are always so small.
good and bad though. at least it's easier to get to 'see' them on TV.
oh well, when i'm low on them, someone had to come by and 'allowed' me to high them.
i'm tabun 90% out of johnnys le bah.

just when i thought that i could finally stopped going to japan and start saving to go hawaii, they had to pop out and i have to 'return' to the land of the rising sun.
fate is playing with me huh?
i was telling kurara that japan was never part of my plan before i met johnnys.
goodness, i dun even think listening to japanese songs was cool before i liked kinki. (apparently some ppl did)
but now? i dun even listen to any chinese songs anymore. only japanese songs can be found in my mp3. ha ha ha.
maybe once a fangirl, always a fangirl.
but well, as a fangirl, at least i learnt things.
good or bad, i'll never know. but it's always better to think that everything is good instead of bad. *be positive*
well, at least most of the friends i have now is all partly due to johnnys. and i attained a new language. so ok, i shall think of it as good.
koichi saved me 3 times afterall ne.

anyway, my plan has always been hawaii! ha.wa.i.i
given my 4 trips to japan, i would have been to hawaii long long time ago ne.
if i'm not a johnnys fan, tabun now i'll be damn rich. LOL. *looks at collection*

it's fun to have a crush, but not when they are not around. *low*

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私は貝になりたい [27 Sep 2009|09:59pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

finally finished watching 私は貝になりたい

nakai's acting was.... -.-;;
i cannot say it's bad, but it's too over.
and after all the jokes that everyone made, i couldn't really watch the movie in SERIOUS mood.
it's supposed to be a sad movie, but.... i keep wanting to laugh when i saw him screaming 'KENBOUUUUU'
and his own stupid joke of the movie during the concert, 実は私は貝になりたくないよ~ somewhat kept repeating in my head. idiotttt. lol

anyway afterthoughts.
story was in the perspect of a japanese who do not want to fight in a war.
when people thought of world war 2, they will think of japanese as a whole wanted to fight and wanting to conquer the world, but this movie is trying to show otherwise.
about people who do not want to fight in the war. about HUMANE japanese (ok this sounds wrong, but then again it's correct in a sense)

anyway, spoilers ahead, please skip if u want to watch the movie.
the story is about this barber (nakai) who thought he didn't have to enlist in the army cos of his crippled leg but apparently it proved otherwise.
and during training in the war, his team was asked to search for an american plane that crashed near the mountains so that they can capture those americans who survived as POW.
so they found the americans and because they couldn't communicate with the americans, (and with the order from the most superior saying that 'do whatever is appropriate at that time after u capture them') they decided to kill the POWs.
and they chose nakai and his friend to kill the POW because they were the lousiest in the team.
but nakai sort of gave up at the end because he had no guts to kill the american (but the american died cos of injuries in the end).

and so the war ended and japan lost the war. nakai thought everything was back in peace so he continued working in his barber shop happily until one day the military police came and captured him on the charge of killing POW during the war.
so the trial began and he was sentenced to execution.
he tried appealing but didn't work and so in the end he was executed.

something which i thought was nonsense was that why was there a charge when someone killed POWs (americans in this context) during a war?
it's a WAR right?
after the war still kena charged very ????
the americans charged the japanese for killing their POWs, does that mean that americans didn't kill any of the japanese POWs at all?
it's like... unfair.
anyway, i dunno la, maybe they really never kill the japanese POWs...
even though i dun agree that damn big psychotic criminals who LOVE to kill people can be let off scot free, but then again, it's war... i dun believe there's no angmoh who is NOT psychotic to be happily killing people away...

and during the trial, the americans were like accusing nakai of not refusing to kill the POW, so they treat it as he WANTED to kill the POW out of his own accord.
something which i thought ang moh will never understand about asian culture is that they think everyone is like them, want to refuse then can refuse. (bad memories here)
given that japan has a rather INFLEXIBLE culture, when the superior say 1, u cannot say 2. so it's either the POW die or nakai die. of cos given a normal situation, nakai (who had a family to go back to) chose to 'kill' the POW instead right? and given that he's already a coward who can't hold a rifle properly, would he even have the guts to say "NO, i'm going to appeal to the court that you make me kill the POW"? impossible.
so i think it's damn irritating that they insisted that if he never refused, that would mean that he wanted to kill the POW. it's like putting words in his mouth...
it's like forcing you to eat the cake which you dun like, but you ate it anyway (out of courtesy or whatever), but was said to WANT to eat it. ming ming jiu shi kena forced de what....

another thing which i'm quite bu shuang was that when nakama yukie was going around to ask people to sign petition for nakai to appeal for a lighter sentence, a lot of ppl refused because they believe that they ought to die cos they are the black sheep of the country/ to die in honour for the country. diao? black sheep i can understand la... but die in honour for the country?! imi nai.......
it won't hurt to sign a name there if you can save a life right????
but of cos there are nice people who tried all sorts of ways to help la...

anyway i was going to scream at the end of the movie because there's totally no relation to the title. until when nakai was hanged and FINALLY he said something in relaton to the title. lol.

storyline was not bad la, just nakai's acting.....................
(please stop complaining about sho's acting liao then) LOL.

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[26 Sep 2009|11:15pm]
had some weird dream this morning.

sometimes i wonder is it cos i dreamt too much that's why my memory is starting to become worse and worse.

anyhow, i dreamt of miya? lol.
for some reason, i think her image of liking snowboarding is so deeply etched in my mind that even in the dream she was bringing me to snowboard.
and then we were chased after by some enemy and kimutaku came to rescue us. LOL
well, before that he was trying to scare me with some cockroach though...
bugs = my tong dian.

sigh.. i need money. and i'm so itching to bake. but i can't cos i got no money. GAHHHHH.
i need some other ways to relieve 'stress'.

(dun remind me of kinki dvds.)
i am so NOT anticipating it. lol.
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[22 Sep 2009|10:36pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Work was A BIT faster.
that's when f*cked up ppl need to pia the work last min. :)
so means more work for me. :)
which i really don't mind. beats rolling at home whole day long.

which i dun understand why i always ended up being a translator.
i thought i'm supposed to be a customer service officer. HA HA HA.
well, i guess when you know a third language, everyone starts to depend on you too much.


was woken up by an sms to go online almost immediately (despite sleeping late the previous night). that's for home based work huh? thank goodness we dun have webcams. *grateful*
if not i wonder how long i have to take to go online. imagine being at home also need to put make up, that's rubbish right?
but thank goodness, dun have to.

so i have to hear them talk and talk while staring at the screen.
and i forced them to let me out of the house cos ros was waiting for me to eat the swensen buffet with her.
it's not fair that i have to standby to wait for them to call me while not getting paid for it.
it's supposed to be a flexible job, with the freedom of me wanting to go out whenever i want (of cos if they let me know like one day beforehand that i have to stay around in the house i am ok with it), if not i won't accept this kuku hourly pay which i almost have nothing to do everyday.
so ya, i managed to 'force' my way out of the house. making ros wait for me for almost 2 hrs though ^^;; sorry to ros.

the swensens buffet was good though :D
luckily ros wasn't unhappy about me being late. the 魅力 about ice creams LOL!
but it's so sinful HAHA.
but the chocolate truffles cake very nice :9
must learn how to make :D

then i was telling ros how much i regret taking js instead of maths. if not now i'm probably a statiscian! oh well, i can never turn back the time, so accept it and make use of my japanese ... bah.


Went out to Mount E with all the testing kits and everything to do the drug test (required by my company) which they told me that i'm supposed to make an appointment before going.
stupid fifi on the phone told me i dun have to make booking lo!
tmd waste my time.
those fifiS ought to be shot la.
waste my time going over.
but luckily i managed to 'deposit' all my stuff with my bro at lucky plaza. phew.
so thank goodness i dun have to carry the testing kits around for the whole day.

went to meet my cousins next. :D
i think the last time i saw them was during my ah ma's birthday in march bah ^^;;
so i dunno why i always ended up doing all the arrangement WHEN both of them stay in sengkang.
hello?! lol.
surprisingly we chatted a lot.
(ok i always feel that as ppl grow older, the lesser the topics to talk about. i tend to become more quiet as i grow older i feel)
we were supposed to go eat dim sum, but it was raining and we couldn't walk over.
so we ended up in thai express.
and so qiao the person asked us to sign up for the vip card and the birthday month person will get $15 off.
JUST nice my cousins' birthdays are this month. (u see, ming ming they two closer? LOL)
sometimes i wonder is it cos my cousins are virgos that's why i'm closer to them compared to other cousins.... (taurus are good friends with virgos)

went to watch gforce next. :D
me and my cousin split the cost since the younger one said the mother gave him money to treat us. lol.
we actually watched the 3D version (expensiveeeee)
quite bimyou? they didn't actually show how cute guinea pigs are (which made me quite upset)
the pigs are too ... kakkoii liao.
but i like the pun about the MOLE~ and the WORM. lol.
but the mole looks a bit er xin though ... ^^;;


slept the whole day away.
because i was tired from all the activities.
and i overspent!!!!!!!! Argh.
think of the dvds dvds dvds.


Even though it's a public holiday, i slept the whole day away again. ha ha ha.
what's new right.
hidemi loves to sleep.
am still trying to adapt to watching one piece without any subtitles...
i still dun understand why i can understand bangumis but i cannot understand animes without subtitles. gahh.
ok la, maybe i do understand half of the anime afterall.
at least i caught all the dajare. oops.


was woken up and forced to go online immediately again.
thank goodness i was already half awake. *phew*
stoned off halfway during the discussion only to be caught off guard by a question ^^;;
so never think i'm always safe even if they cannot see me... ^^;;

went out to clementi to the stupid phoon huat (why can't one of the phoon huat be like walking distance away loooooo) to buy all the ingredients for my mooncake.
decided to ask cindi out for lunch at BOTAK JONES.
i ate the mini me fish and chips though. SAVE MONEY. lol.
even though it wasn't all that cheap anyway. amitaba amitaba.

anyway, hidemi made ice cream :DDDDDD
it tasted damn nice. :DDDDDD
(ok i haven't eaten the frozen version, but the unfrozen version is damn nice already)
no wonder ice cream are damn fattening? so much cream lo omg.
but taste damn nice. LOL. XD
can't wait to eat it tml :D

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[16 Sep 2009|11:16pm]
[ mood | cold ]


Work was slow.
Silly me woke up early in the morning to realise that my company is not ready to launch the program and i slept the rest of the day away, with a sudden call in the evening that they wanted a conference call. *duh*
so in the end i only worked for 1hr.
at the rate i'm going, i'm not even going to hit 500 this month. HA HA HA.
talk about the high pay per hour? and 35-40 hrs per week for the first few weeks?
just pure crap.
conclusion? angmohs work as slow as japanese.
but at least they didn't pretend to be hardworking.
thank goodness i'm at home slacking away though.
but thinking of the miserable pay i feel like crying.
i think i can totally give up the idea of going overseas this year.

they better settle my timesheet asap if not i'm going to die next month.


work was a lillll better.
as in i work a few more hours compared to monday *duh*
still i dun hit 100bucks per day.
sometimes i wonder whether i should do things slower to get the money.
maybe i should.
what's the whole point of doing things so fast only to help them save more money.
must be more jian, do slower. hah.

and lucasfilm called me like after one+ month of me submitting my resume.
thanks huh.
i dun even remember what kind of jobscope i was looking at when i applied.
(despite being in tampines, i was kinda interested in the job)
so when the person called me and asked me why i was interested in the job, i was going 'uh... actually i dun remember the jobscope anymore'.
hello, i dun just apply for one job ok. i only remember they produce FILMS.
guess i blasted the chance, but not as if i can go work for the company cos i'm stuck with this niao bu shen dan temp job. gahhh.
(reminder to self: it's to tide me over and let me continue to slack until next year)

but i took up this job because they said it will be at least 35 hrs for the first few weeks. CHEATED.
i feel cheated.
ok, i shall pray to god and hope there will be more working hours after they launch the program until i dun feel like working anymore. duh.

i NEED the money.


Worse for today, i don't even need to do things because they keep sending me the same stuff that i already have and keep thinking the translated stuff are there.
so cos the stuff are not there, i can only throw them back with an email saying it's all not there and that's it.
bless me for next month.
no more buying dvds or singles for the time being.

i need desperately to start an online shop.. perhaps.

on a happier note, after spending like hundreds of dollars on my face, it's finally getting better.
less pimples + smoother skin.

<- after using proactiv AND vichy.
ok both very ex ne.
for the sake of my face, gotta use it.

but i realise i like the smell of vichy more. :D
and the acne cream kinda kept my face matt for like 3-4 hours before i need to go wash my face again. i hope it continues though.

and i bought new shampoo and conditioner from hoyu.
smells pretty nice and working pretty well too, at least for the past 3 days i've been using it's good. :D

and i shouldn't be spending more money.
maybe i should cancel the kinkiyou regular edition first ... and buy it when i have the extra cash huh? (can always dl first :P)

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[13 Sep 2009|08:28pm]

Met up with Joce to pass her stuff.
surprisingly we can talk a lot to each other. lol
she's not finished with her highing from v6 yet i guess. LOL

then i pia-ed home to 'work'
sometimes i seriously wonder, is it just my english that is bad or some ppl just can't get instructions right? or do people even check attachments at all?
i mean like, if i said there's a problem with something, normally ppl will check then reply right?
not just treat it like nothing is wrong and say nothing is wrong. right?
am i just too hima or are they busy until they have no time to even dl the attachements to have a look.
even if it's in another language, i guess it's VISIBLE that the words are the same, the charts are the same and there's no difference between ALL the attachments?
oh well. guess i expected too much.
anyway, doesn't matter, i get money by waiting anyway.

did i mention how much i detested timesheets?
*recalls kpmg days*
i realised when companies and agencies dun come to a consensus point, it's the middleman who suffer. aka ME.
the agency said i gotta let them sign the damn timesheet in order to claim my money.
but they don't realise that i'm working at home.
i dun see the company people everyday u know...
how am i supposed to let them sign my timesheet like that?
so i told the company that the agency is insistent on it so i requested them to sign all my timesheets.
but they told me they wanted something online so that they can check before i send my timesheet over.

so conclusion?
i'm the one stuck in the middle la.
even though i'm quite sure i will get my money, but baituo dun delay lo.
i'm like so broke until i can't feed myself next month so no matter what i need to get my this month pay by hook or by crook by next month.
hidemi still got the stupid school loan to payyyyyyyyyyyyy.
(not to mention the very expensive kinki dvdsssssssss)



nabe party at my house.
felt like it's CNY? when everyone stepped into my house. LOL!
i feel like the mother. ^^;;
and i dun understnad why everytime when ppl come my house, it's always so hot. i just keep sweating non stop.
somemore eating NABE. :S

but luckily the food i prepared is just nice (but actually got a bit leftover cos i never take out) so everyone managed to finish the food. :D
even though at the end we were like tui lai tui qu-ing, but in the end we managed to clear.
LOL. even though i think only me, stephie and cindi very high after finishing the food while the rest of them are like zombies. LOL!

watched benjamin buttons.
quite a nice movie and quite touching.
like what cindi said, it's so amazing how when the young brad pitt came out we were all kyaa-ing away LOL!
shuai~~~~~~~~ like last time de nick carter ne. LOL!
make up do wonders LOL.

after a while miss jasti fell asleep AGAIN
so it was like dinnertime but cos we were all full from the nabe, i told them we should make the lava choco cake instead.
and of cos it turned out nice and they helped me cleared most of my truffles too hehe.
then miss jasti woke up finally. that woman really loves to sleep in my house lo. baituo i'm not her bf la.

watched stephie's mr lee while we were thinking that we should rent a chalet to play the game LOL.
maybe some time i should organise some tea gatherings huh. to just have a sinful day to eat all the desserts LOL.
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[10 Sep 2009|11:59am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Rushed back to make the chocolate truffles to make it for uchi's birthday.


Went for my job training today.
realised i suck at listening to ang moh talks.
is that why my modules always do so badly?
cos dunno why when they talk i just keep getting distracted.
oh well....
i hope the first few weeks will pass by smoothly...
*must remember my keigo*

after training was supposed to go movie with kokkie they all but i ended up not watching the movie cos i wanna come home to make my truffles.
had my first beef sandwich in my life.
yappari beef is not the meat for me. *pork person*
and i suck at eating sandwich cos got a lot of veggies hidemi dun eat. *cold laugh*
chat alot with kokkie they all though.
cos never meet for very long liao.
bbq next to happen in my house (downstairs). haha.
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[09 Sep 2009|12:37am]
[ mood | content ]


Went to find Jasti to pass her all the mopeng macaroons i made LOL.
we were supposed to eat some fish soup but ended up she couldn't find the shop so we ended up eating parklane wanton noodles instead.
not too bad though.

Then went to the stupid agency to get my timesheet and stuff.
that irritating guy who kept calling me non stop just to ask me when i'm dropping by to collect my stuff. GOU LE MEI YOU. i said within the week right. if i dun go by thursday, that would mean friday i'm going over what. tsk.


Went KTV with summer and stephie.
Arashi ktv LOL!
so as usual sho de parts always i sing la. LOL.
but at least other parts not i sing. LOL.
if not sing arashi songs alone quite sabishii....

after that we went to orchard central for dinner at mos.
seemed to be different from the other branches though.
first of all the cups are not the normal paper cups but it become glass cups (which i almost accidentally spilled the drinks)
tried the new spicy teriyaki chicken burger (which comes with the free uchiwa) and i got the red one and summer got the green one. LOL

went off to ion to shop around a bit and all thanks to summer's hao jie shao, i bought one pair of red sneakers and a pair of purple flats. (i'm not MJ fan ok)
the red sneakers was super cheap though and according to summer she said it's comfy so might as well buy.
shopped until the place is almost closed ^^;;


Met ah mo for lunch to pass her her very belated bday present ^^;;;
glad that she likes it though haha.
after my silly attempt to stick the rhinestones onto the pouch...
i hope it doesn't drop though.

then went to meet miya and ros for ktv (yes again) 2 times within 3 days.
I swear the people there recognise me lo. LOL.
had fun singing again which we tempted ros to eat potato chips which she wasn't supposed to. LOL!
me and ros attempted to destroy gackt's song while miya is in the toilet but she came back suddenly and both of us just laughed out of 'guilt' LOL.


made a mini swiss roll (which i failed) cos it cracked while i was rolling it WITHOUT cream. LOL.
i refused to put in cream cos fattening leh....
and also cos i didn't have any whipped cream. HAHA. talk about being spastic.
anyway i realised for some reason i stopped eating whipped cream for quite a few years (anyone seen me always digging out the cream and passing over to someone else's plate...).
now i somewhat understand why koichi ate crepe without any cream.
even though i sort of criticise him 'like that hao chi meh' i realised i turned out like him ^^;; so now i dun even touch crepe unless it's with ice cream instead of cream.
so i decided i shouldn't make any more swiss roll unless i'm willing to take in all the fats cream. *blinks*


dad's birthday.
actually wanted to make a cake for him BUT suddenly he requested a durian cake.
dunno how to make so i went to emicakes to buy instead.
but till now we still haven't cut the cake -.-;;
nua the whole day away except i finally made my macaroons successfully again.
and i finally realised the problem to my mopeng macaroons.
not enough icing. -.-
yappari the icing is very important ne. no wonder some macaroons taste SOOOOOOOOOO sweet.

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[03 Sep 2009|11:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Wednesday & thursday

The attempt to bake macaroons starts once again.
for some reason, this time around all my macaroons all turned out to be mopeng.
i swear i did everything the same except that i cut down on the icing.
(even after cutting down the icing my mum still complains that it's too sweet. omg)
and some of the macaroons ended up very flat.
wonder what went wrong.
made total of 3 batches all something wrong. *give up*
the macaroons insist to become like lee guo huang's face. hai~
no matter how long i put there to let it set, it still refused to set. so i just throw in the oven la.
dun tell me it's really cos i cut the icing too much?

i rather eat mopeng macaroons than overly sweet macaroons then.

and i went to visit ah shi on wednesday with the raw caramels and milk tea.
she seemed pretty happy that she got 'extra food' to eat though. haha
(ppl got chicken pox cannot get out of the house) if not i won't do delivery to her house haha.
walked from my house to her house.. took around 30 mins and got shortcut(?)
i looked like some foreigner with the brolly and a hand towel though ^^;;
sometimes i feel when i'm in singapore, i feel like i'm an outsider.
identity crisis. LOL.

so these few days have been trying to master 'the art of baking macaroons' that i have no time to bake my swiss roll.
but.. given the amount of sugar i took cos of the 'spoilt' macaroons, i better plan it next week hao le...
gotta start exercising again. but damn it, i'm in such good mood recently that my body refused to work out...

anyway if hidemi were to open a bakery, i wonder if anyone will support me? LOL
if i ever do that, i think hidemi's bakery will be selling alot of random stuff. LOL.
raw caramels... macaroons... raw chocolate.... cheesecake. LOL

anyway, with thanks to miya cos she ordered kinki's phi con dvd, i got a mini arashi brochure for free. LOL.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

thing is i didn't notice it when i open up the package until today. haha.
so is arashi just trying very hard to tempt me to buy their album?
<- but hidemi got no money.

and now that i got absolutely no way to get tickets anymore (unless some kind soul is willing to sell to me) i think i can give up on johnnys finally.
*thumbs up*
they will still continue to be my eyecandies though :D
just that it's time for me to stop flying over cos of them.

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